V2: User Interface and User Experience

On this week’s blog post on the run up to the launch of KILTR Version 2 in July, we take a look at the overall new site design and how we hope our community will use KILTR going forward.

In the world of social media, really good content rarely manages to surface above the flood of Justin Beiber tweets and trollings on Youtube. At KILTR we’re aiming to change this with our newly designed, Version 2.

A lot of time has gone into researching design trends and current functionality to bring KILTR to the forefront of social content. Not just from an aesthetic point of view but also in terms of user experience. KILTR isn’t ‘just another social network’, KILTR is a journey, bringing a high volume of users into the one place to create a vibrant online community that shares at least one common interest – Scotland.

As we’ve stated in the previous V2 blog posts, organisations and individuals alike are provided with a platform to showcase and share the content they have with the KILTR community.


With the functionality to include high impact live streaming content, images, web video or podcasts, KILTR is ideal for both businesses and brands trying to target their customers at a more focused level, and individuals who want to keep up to date with credible and high-profile businesses and brands; as well as to share their own creative endeavours, projects and interests

KILTR’s new responsive design makes the content widely available to all audiences on various mobile devices. Its clean, minimal design allows this content to be the focus and whether you’re at a laptop, desktop or on the move using and updating KILTR will be an intuitive and attractive proposition.





The offKILTR Street Food Feastival!

Tickle them tastebuds at the first in a series of brand new offKILTR food festivals. The Glasgow Street Feastival takes place at the Barras Art and Design Centre (BAAD) in Glasgow on the 20th and 21st July.

Glasgow Street Feastival

Summer 2013 is going to be pretty, pretty tasty! KILTR’s new events arm, offKILTR, host our first Glasgow Street Feastival events during two weekends over the summer season. We kick things off on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st July, and then return on the 17th and 18th August for a second bite of the street feastival cherry!

Located in the heart of the legendary Barras Market in Glasgow’s East End under the stunning glass roof of the Barras Art and Design Centre, we welcome you to a celebration of food, music and culture from 4pm till 11pm across four evenings.

Expect an exciting pop-up experience with a wide range of stalls provided by a selection of the finest Glasgow culinary institutions coupled with a very impressive array of new kids on the block.

Here’s a little taster of who’ll be joining us on our culinary celebration as well!

- Sea food delights with The Finnieston
- A taste of Vietnam with the Hanoi Bike Shop
- A gourmet selection of Scottish cuisine with Stravaigin
- Kimchi Cult, a London based Korean-Style fast food
- Indian flavours with Babu Bombay Street Kitchen
- Caribbean style celebrations with Babylon Roots Kitchen
- Selection of smoked favourites from Smokey and the Bandit
- A pop-up cocktail bar, craft beer bar and The Chip Wine Club
- A Dear Green Coffee Roasters stall

A team of well-known and respected local DJs will provide a chilled and sunny, global soundtrack to enjoy these two weekends of culinary celebration. Harri, David Barbarossa, Andrew Divine, Pro Vinylist Karim, Esa, Ewan Chambers and Andy from Racket Racket will be supplying the sounds. In addition to that, super-talented local designer, Aimee Kent will also have a pop-up eco-fashion lifestyle and clothing range on offer at the events too.

Keep an eye on KILTR Street Feastival group for additional information over the coming weeks.

The event is totally free to get in and we promise the prices of food and drink will reflect the ‘street festival’ ethos and vibe. It’s a family (friendly) affair too, children of 15 and under are more than welcome to join in the fun till 10pm.

Hope to see some of you on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st July at the Barras Art and Design Centre for the launching of a very tasty summer! The exact address is 54 Calton Entry, Glasgow, G40 2SB but if you make your way to the Barras market, from any entrance, you can’t miss it. BAAD is the big black building in the centre of the market place.

For the tweeters among you, use our hashtag on the run-up to and during the feastival: #streetfeastival

If you haven’t already, you can sign up to KILTR here.

PodcART’s Scottish Festival Pitch

Halina from Glasgow PodcART presents her personal rough guide to the best music festivals Scotland has to offer this year. Guaranteed to put you in the mood for festival season!

Wickerman Festival

(Image above courtesy of the Wickerman official website)

So it is almost that time again where you begin to feel those little butterflies in your tummy as the hint of festival season hits. The exciting prospect of great music, good friends, copious amounts of alcoholic refreshments and depending on how lucky you are – sun burn, has become for many an annual holiday.

I decided it would be good to try and pitch (yes, I had to use this pun) our Scottish festivals. Our humble weather can be something of a turn off for many, but if you speak to many revellers, they will agree that the ‘here we fucking go’ attitude of the country will in no way put us off a party. So read on to see why I think you should go, not to mention an artist to check out from 3 tiers of the bill – headliner, middle of the bill and newcomer.

Festival: Wickerman

Age: 12 years

Location/Dates: Dumfries and Galloway, 26th & 27th July

The Pitch: Wickerman is one of the ever increasing family festivals the country has to offer. Having been 3 times now, it is without a doubt one of the best. With one of the best acoustic stages that a festival has to offer it does indeed deserve the tagline – ‘something for everyone’. It is big enough not to bump into your mum at every corner and small enough to not feel that you have walked the Sahara. There are different camping areas depending on how much of a party animal you are. For me the biggest selling point of this festival is the unsigned and grass music tents i.e. The Solus Tent and The goNorth Tent. It is one of the best festivals to discover new music in a surrounding that is homely and welcoming.

Headliner: Primal Scream

Middle Bill: Public Service Broadcasting

Newcomer: Young Philadelphia


(Image above courtesy of NME)

Festival: T in the Park

Age: 20 years

Location/Dates: Balada, Kinross, 12th – 14th July

The Pitch: In its 20th year, it is astounding how big T in the Park is now. A lot of people give it a rough time because of the amount of mainstream artists it has on its stages. I have come to the realisation however, that there will still be a guaranteed line-up for you no matter what you think, you just need to look a bit further than the main stage. This is the biggest festival in Scotland and it is a massive flagship for Scotland. Personally, the coverage on TV each year does get me ridiculously excited and the years I have not been I still find myself becoming ridiculously jealous. Oh and MY BLOODY VALENTINE and KRAFTWERK!!!!! This is not one for the family, but for first time festival goers that are going with a group of friends then this is recommended.

Headliner: Kendrick Lamar

Middle Bill: Foy Vance

Newcomer: Machines In Heaven

Festival: Insider Festival

Age: 5 years

Location/Dates: Aviemore, 21st – 23rd June

The Pitch: This is the fifth year of the festival and one I am attending for the first time this year. The setting is Inshriach estate grounds, which in itself is bloody beautiful. Boasting 30 acres of riverside camping – yes, you can camp next to a river and swim and stuff, this alone is enough for the naturist (steady on) in me to come out. Word of mouth has taught me that this is one of the best festivals in the country and with a dedicated group attending each year, I am very excited! This is a festival for families, groups of friends and even older parents!

Headliner: Stealing Sheep

Middle Bill: Super Adventure Club

Newcomer: Secret Motorbikes

Festival: Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival

Age: 10 years

Location/Dates: By Beauly, Inverness-shire, 2nd & 3rd August

The Pitch: Another of the festivals that has been recommended reliably by word of mouth. This has been propositioned by some of the music industry’s most favoured people in my life as the best festival in Scotland. With 5 stages and arguably one of its biggest selling points is its carnival theme. With breathtaking structures and people dressed up in all manner of guises this is like a modern day Midsummer Night’s Dream. Like Insider Festival, Belladrum does not have the noticeable structure in terms of artists and all artists are promoted as much as the rest. Family friendly and full of life.

Headliner: Noisettes

Middle Bill: Withered Hand

Newcomer: Vasquez

Belladrum Festival

(Image courtesy of the Belladrum website)

Festival: Solas Festival

Age: 4 years

Location/Dates: Tibbermore, Perth, 21st – 23rd June

The Pitch: Solas Festival is a summer solstice and this year in a new location. This festival is not just about the music though! Poetry, dance and theatre all feature with the promise of unique collaborations and intimate surroundings. Solas may be one of the smallest festivals in the country, but it is starting to make a name for itself and with the determination of the team behind it, it has the potential to be as praised as insider and Belladrum. This is definitely a festival more for the family and one to find some real talent gems. Personally, it is one of the festivals that gives a platform to a diverse range of artists and ones I may not necessarily listen to. What better way to discover a new artist than live at a festival?

Headliner: We Were Promised Jetpacks

Middle Bill: Beerjacket

Newcomer: Let’s Talk About Space

Festival: Kelburn Garden Party

Age: 7 years

Location/Dates: Kelburn Castle, Largs, 6th & 7th July

The Pitch: With only 500 capacity, Kelburn is another of the festivals that are more appealing the older you get or indeed if you have a fear of big crowds! The Kelburn Castle itself is a site to behold and the grounds that surround it are magical. For dance music fans this will be a very appealing festival and its laid back, chilled vibe will push all the right buttons. The setting of this festival really lift it to a different level. Highly recommended.

Headliner: Mr Scruff

Middle Bill: Naledi Feat Nasty P

Newcomer: The Deadline Shakes

Festival: Tiree Music Festival

Age: 3 years

Location/Dates: An Alla, Isle of Tiree, 20th – 21st July

The Pitch: I am going to keep this short and sweet. Stunning backdrop, family friendly, children’s workshops, whisky tasting, near a beach, you need a ferry to get there – SOLD.

Headliner: Washington Irving

Middle Bill: Blazin’ Fiddles

Newcomer: The Youth & Young

Connect with Glasgow PodcART on KILTR and keep an eye on KILTR.com for much more good stuff around Festivals and Events over the coming weeks and months.

V2: Introduction to offKILTR Events

In our third blog post on the run-up to our Version 2 launch this summer, we take a look at the offKILTR Events wing – a new series of events throughout Scotland and further afield.

KILTR LogoAnother new area we’re going to be concentrating on now will be our new events arm – offKILTR – where the culturally-rich online KILTR content will be brought to life through a series of Scottish-based and international events.

We hosted the first official offKILTR international event back in April as part of Scotland Week in New York City, where we previewed V2 to a packed West Village bar. After the V2 launch event, which takes place this summer, you can expect to see announcements on KILTR about a range of exciting events – exploring a range of subjects and interest areas that are featured and discussed on KILTR, every day. From food and drink to fashion; and from business to music and loads more.

We feel that it’s of real importance to keep the ‘social’ aspect of social media alive and strong and what better way to do that than through occasions where we can bring people together in one place for exciting events based around the things that people on KILTR enjoy.

Without wanting to give too much away at this stage, we have two BIG events in the pipeline planned for later this year. We’ll be able to tell you more about both of these very soon. The first, to give you a little clue, will focus on some of Scotland and the world’s finest food offerings and will take place later in the summer. Mmmmmm…

offKILTR aims to bring a sense of what KILTR stands for to its real life events – Collaboration, Connection, Interaction and Fun.

It’s all about the good stuff!

KILTR Version 2 launches this summer. You can read more about the new design and direction in our first two blog posts here and here. There’ll be more blog posts coming on the run-up to the launch very soon.

Sign up now at KILTR.com

V2: Content Focused Direction

So, for our second blog post introducing KILTR V2 and some of our new improvements, we’re going to talk content.

We hear that content is king. Indeed, content marketing has become the buzzword of 2013 but we’ve been asking do social networking sites really showcase content in the most effective way?

KILTR V2 Beautiful Scotland Hot Topic

Think about it. How do you find content on Facebook, LinkedIn or even Twitter? At the start of a social networking relationship the focus is not so much on your content but rather your name, job title or employer.

What happened to content being king?

At KILTR we believe in content driven social networking. We believe that there is more opportunity to be recognised and more scope to find great content when that content is of a central focus and at the heart of the platform. We’re not taking away from the social networking aspect but giving our members greater flexibility to curate focused feeds of content and be more easily identifiable as experts in their fields of interests.

Our new focus on content will manifest itself in a number of ways – the slick new user interface which we’ll let you know about in a forthcoming blog post, as well as the introduction of Channels and the Good Stuff. These Channels and Good Stuff additions are, essentially, areas of the site that will focus on certain specific areas of interest, thus tailoring the experience of using the site to our users and providing more reasons for them to use KILTR regularly.

We’re not losing any of the networking functionality, simply augmenting that with a more content-focused UI and the introduction of these areas to improve the experience of using the site. The content that users post on KILTR will be presented in a much slicker and more captivating way as well, encouraging longer lasting and deeper engagement.

The Channels we are introducing are broad subjects areas; and the Good Stuff is for niche and specialist interests where we will create, curate and showcase compelling posts and articles (using HD video, high-res images and high impact social content for added effect) on a handful of subject areas that we feel aren’t represented comprehensively anywhere else online right now. The ‘Good Stuff’ sections we launch V2 with will be: The Referendum, Oddballs, Start Ups, Whisky Galore, Made In Scotland, Beautiful Scotland and Festivals & Events. Every month or so we’ll change one or two of these areas to tie in with topical events and dates in the cultural calendar. The broader ‘Channels’ will be Art & Culture, Business & Careers, Current Affairs, Food & Drink, Life & Style, Science & Tech and Sport.

KILTR V2 Single Post View

Users will be encouraged to post into the specific Channels or a Good Stuff area; and we will also feature the best picks from each of these areas on the site every day. And when you post into a KILTR group, your post will automatically appear in the most appropriate and relevant channel.

The whole new User Interface design has been created with high impact social content at the core and we are very excited about our new direction in terms of content, coupled with the overall new design of the site and the captivating new user profiles we are offering as a means of showcasing content and personality on KILTR.

It’s all about the good stuff!

KILTR Version 2 launches this summer. You can read more about the new design and direction in our first blog post here. There’ll be another one, concentrating on the new KILTR Events arm, for you to read very soon too.

Sign up now at KILTR.com

V2: New Improved Profiles

Every week from today until we launch KILTR Version 2 this summer, we’ll be letting you in on some of the unique and exciting new features that will inform our new direction and the site’s new design.

RockNess: New KILTR Profile

Firstly, we’d like to let you know about some big changes coming to the look and feel of Profiles. Profile pages are ideal for brands, businesses, organisations and companies of all shapes and sizes to showcase and promote their message, activity, personality and products to a captive audience of users with an interest in the best Scotland has to offer. These profiles are also perfect for individuals to share and post about their own personal interests and to showcase themselves to the KILTR community and make new connections.

You can get a little taste of what’s to come in terms of the new design in the following video, alongside interview snippets with representatives from some of the fantastic organisations who have been using KILTR successfully already.

The new and improved KILTR profiles are a lot more visually vibrant, allowing users to upload high-impact, high-res images and HD video content. The RockNess profile feed, for example, can be pushed aside easily to view the gallery content full-screen, immersing the user in the latest music video or live stage feed from the festival. Fancy posting to RockNess while you watch? No problem! We’ve made it really easy for users to pull profiles back on screen and post, comment, share and like while continuing playback of the video in the background.

New RockNess Profile No. 1 New RockNess Profile No. 2 New RockNess Profile No. 3 New RockNess Profile No. 4

We’ll also be offering a range of generic background image options which our users will be able to upload to make their profiles look great. These will be provided by some of the high-profile artists and photographers who are using KILTR effectively already such as Gerard Burns, Andrew Peutherer, Harris Tweed Hebrides, Scotland from the RoadsideFrank To, Brian Sweeney and more.

The content that users post on KILTR will be presented in a much slicker and more captivating way as well, encouraging longer lasting and deeper engagement. More about that on next week’s blog post.

We are confident that no other social media platform out there has a similar offering to this; and we firmly believe we are providing our users with a new and highly compelling and attractive way to present themselves and their content online.

Full details around the pricing for our new ‘premium profiles’ will be available soon too.

It’s all about the good stuff!

KILTR Version 2 launches this summer. Keep an eye on KILTR for more blog posts teasing various elements of Version 2 over the coming weeks.

Sign up now at KILTR.com


Ferguson's Farewell

Blogger and KILTR member Jonathan Whitelaw on Alex Ferguson’s unparalleled tenure as football’s most successful and iconic manager.

Fergie (The Mirror)

(Image above from The Mirror newspaper)

Well, that’s it then. The curtain has finally been drawn on the glittering career of Alex Ferguson. The Govan born lad who came good, rocketing up the greasy pole of football to become the most decorated, celebrated and revered manager, nay icon, in the world game.

Put simply there is no facet of Ferguson’s career that can be held under close scrutiny and not lead to the same conclusion. The man was the best at what he did and there is very good reason to believe that there will never be another like him.

Of course there are pretenders. Jose Murinho has the personality, arrogance and, above all else, trophy cabinet to be a natural rival to Fergie. But he lacked the playing experience that Sir Alex had in his younger days, something that, although neither men have publically stated is a necessity to be a successful gaffer, makes for that little edge in the cloud talk debates that will occupy the next few months.

Fergie (UEFA)

(Image above from UEFA website)

Taking his 26 years at the helm of Manchester United into account, along with successful stints at East Stirlingshire, Aberdeen and St Mirren, the legacy that Sir Alex has left behind is both astonishing and will be difficult to follow. But it isn’t just for the club he has become synonymous with, it’s for a whole sporting nation that otherwise would be in a much worse state than it already is.

Scottish football is on the brink of something special. The proposed league reconstruction, play-offs and pyramid scheme could see the biggest shakeup to the national sport that the country has seen in over fifty years. Distributed wealth, higher levels of competition and a greater threat of relegation for teams who would ordinarily aim for mediocrity should, in theory, lead to a rejuvenated Scottish game that will extend to clubs from top to bottom.

Without the perennial success of Alex Ferguson south of the border, none of this would be at all possible. Quite simple, he kept Scottish football on the map.

Whenever Fergie is portrayed in the media, it is as a “fiery Scot”… Walter Scott romanticism aside, the success Sir Alex enjoyed at every club he managed was never forgotten, Aberdeen’s European triumph being the subject of numerous 30th anniversary celebration this year alone. Whether it was his accent, passion or down right stubbornness, good or bad, they were always attributed to his Scottish roots, something Fergie always relished.

Fergie with the Champions League

(Image above from the Football Pantheon site)
In his interview with David Frost following the hugely successful 07/08 season that saw him lift his second Champions League trophy, the warbling journalist probed Ferguson on his personal life. Flippantly, and with that knowing glint that had been seen so many times before around April and May when the season was winding down, he said he was learning the piano.

Not a huge surprise to Frost to Fergie it was something out of the ordinary. He proceeded to recount the story of telling his wife his desire to learn piano, to which he was told “don’t be silly, a Govan boy learning piano.” While many may have been unfamiliar with the tongue in cheek nature of the joke, to Scots viewers, it was a wonderful little moment that championed a whole generation, if not generations, worth of attitude that perfectly summed us all up. With no malice or threat of snobbish, upper class fascism, Fergie in that moment reminded the world where he was from and how proud he was to be that.

This perennial connection to Scotland, and in turn Scottish football, has kept the game alive north of the border. The stranglehold the Old Firm has, or had, on the game choked out levels of competitiveness from smaller clubs that grew fat off the success that two of the world’s biggest clubs brought. Mediocrity became the name of the game, the motivation to “just do enough” became the plague that filtered throughout football grounds out with the Glasgow giants and, to a certain degree, corrupted even the Ibrox and Parkhead organisations.

Ferguson’s on-going success meant that Scottish football was never far away from the limelight. And without it, the landscape of the game would have been very different, if non-existent. Like a pilot fish swimming alongside the shark, the game in Scotland became overly reliant on Fergie’s continual pushing of boundaries and redefining of the game.

With him stepping down and the changes waiting in the wings, both at Old Trafford and for Scottish football as a whole, this impending new era should be seen with great optimism. But as is happened so many times before, the powers at be have an uncanny knack for cocking things up.

So bon voyage Sir Alex, and the greatest of thanks for being an unknowing champion for your national sport, even if it came from 214 miles south.

Connect with Jonathan Whitelaw on KILTR here. And if you haven’t already you can sign up to KILTR at http://KILTR.com

Highland Fling

Mark Hogarth of Harris Tweed Hebrides takes a look at the Scottish Ballet’s recent production of Highland Fling.

Kilted boys in biker jackets, tartan clad girls in figure-hugging pants, Brigadoon meets Grease, Gregory’s Girl meets West Side story? No, the setting is a toilet and this is the opening scene of a truly original ballet, Highland Fling.

It takes its DNA from La Sylphide, a ballet that caused a sensation similar to Stravinsky’s Rites of Spring almost a century later. The romantic roots remain at the core of Highland Fling where the constant desire for fantasy and dismissal of reality are played out beautifully through the medium of dance. But there is so much more to this performance.

Complex elements of Scottish culture are examined with accuracy, sensitivity and humour. Scene 1, fueled with alcohol and drugs, builds to a memorable climax. Director Mathew Bourne has the midas touch in creating art that taps into sometimes conflicting emotions simultaneously. Aided by this ambivalence, he has your absolute attention.

The shenanigans of The Social Club toilet move swiftly to the second scene and the joy of James (Christopher Harrison) and Effie’s (Katie Webb) wedding. Lex Brotherston complements Bourne’s storytelling with a bold set design. Walls and furniture of tartan and plaid, Rangers and Celtic memorabilia and photos of famous Scots, an imaginative spectrum from Sean Connery to The Krankies.

The material backdrop of identity (catholic/protestant, urban/rural, straight/gay kitsch/cool) adds beautifully to the torment and confusion of James. The endearing Sylph (Sophie Martin) taps into his dark side and the allure for something more than his fixed fate fires his heart and imagination. The tarot-card reading Madge adds a gothic panache to the Act that ends with James committing himself to his dark side as he makes a suicidal leap to the ethereal Sylph.

A poignant message that in a Scotland dominated by imposed identity born of culture and politics, individuality trumps all.

Highland Fling at the Scottish Ballet

Act II and we enter the land of The Sylph – a virtual Valhalla en Ecosse – where James continues his pursuit of his elusive fantasy. At this point all disbelief is suspended; tight choreography, twilight and an incongruous VW Beetle make for an endearing ‘other world’. The parameters of the story already told, the dancers are allowed free rein. James acts as a proxy for the audience as the mesmerizing power of the Sylphs dazzle. But in art as in life reality finally catches up with fantasy and both James and the Sylph meet a tragic end.

Andy Murray and plethora of Olympians, Ewan Macgregor and James McAvoy, whisky and fine Cashmere, perhaps even Harris Tweed. Scotland has some quality exports and to this we should add Scottish Ballet.

Their interpretation of A Street Car Named Desire rightfully won accolades and awards but doing a Scottish ballet and addressing complex and controversial cultural themes with insight and compassion is even more impressive. I’m no expert in the ‘mother arts’ but I once saw The Barber of Seville in Budapest. If a Scot can enjoy an Opera set in Spain, performed in Hungary and sung in Italian then there is no reason why a Highland Fling cannot have a similar international appeal.

You can catch Highland Fling at several top Scottish venues throughout May. More info here.

The J-Word Tours

We hear a little from The J-Word Tours, a new jazz music project touring Scotland and the UK very soon. It looks like a terrific programme of events and the tour presents shows in Perth, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, Edinburgh and Dunfermline.

The J-Word Tours

The J-Word is a new project, committed to sharing the best in live music from around the world by developing a network of quality international jazz programming and with a number of leading venues in Scotland and the UK working in cooperation.

The J-Word provides the opportunity to hear some of the most talented and adventurous live performers in world jazz unite for a very special tour of the country in April and May 2013.

Fraser Fifield and Graeme Stephen - The J-Word

Kicking off at The Sage in Gateshead on Sunday 28 April, the second in the series of J-Word tours presents an incredible international trio of Trilok Gurtu, Paolo Fresu and Omar Sosa playing alongside the critically-acclaimed Scottish talents of Fraser Fifield and Graeme Stephen.

Widely regarded as the world’s finest percussionist, Trilok Gurtu’s unique and individual technique combines Indian traditions with many other styles to captivating effect.

“Gurtu continually bent the mind with surprise… Exhilarating.”

Sydney Morning Herald

“Gurtu seduced the auditorium with awesome percussion magic and pure theatre.”

The Herald

“Master-trumpeter originally from Sardinia, Paolo Fresu has absorbed the influences of Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong into his own uniquely passionate voice.”

“One of the great stars of European jazz”

The Independent

“A gentle, lyrical player with the most gorgeous tone”

The Guardian

Afro-Cuban pianist and composer Omar Sosa fuses a wide range of jazz, world music and electronic elements to create a fresh and inspired sound.

“Atmospheric, joyously physical, profound and playful, and always utterly absorbing”

***** The Herald

Guitarist Graeme Stephen, currently Scottish Jazz Award winner for Innovation, provides the perfect foil for Fraser Fifield’s pipes, sax, whistles and electronics. Together they make a truly innovative sound, exploring their roots in the Scottish folk tradition by blending different styles and sounds to wonderful effect.

Events will take place across the country, dates and venues as follows -

Sun 28 April – The Sage, Gateshead

Mon 29 April – Concert Hall, Perth

Tue 30 April – The Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow UNESCO International #JazzDay

Wed 1 May – Music Hall, Aberdeen

Thu 2 May – Eden Court, Inverness

Fri 3 May – Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh

Sat 4 May – Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline

To hear playlists and find out more on the individual artists, tour dates and all things J-Word, visit – www.jword.co.uk.  Alternatively, you can also connect with The J-Word on KILTR, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

And if you haven’t signed up to KILTR yet, you can do that here: KILTR.com

KILTR's Preview Event in NYC

Have a look at a selection of photographs from the successful ‘Introduction to KILTR V2′ event at Highlands in New York City’s West Village on Tuesday 9th April. Hard to believe that was over a week ago! We launch Version 2 in Scotland on Wednesday 12th June – Details to follow soon.

KILTR in New York KILTR in New York KILTR in New York KILTR in New York KILTR in New York KILTR in New York KILTR in New York KILTR in New York KILTR in New York KILTR in New York KILTR in New York KILTR in New York KILTR in New York KILTR in New York KILTR in New York KILTR in New York

To find out more and join in, visit KILTR.com.