Monthly Archives: October 2010

Welcome Michael Shedden

We’d like to introduce new developer, Michael Shedden. Glasgow based Michael has a degree in Maths and Theoretical Physics from The University of Aberdeen plus he undertook post-graduate studies in Cosmology! We’re really pleased that Michael’s been able to add to the growing team alongside CTO Stewart Fraser, Steven Livingstone, Anny Deery (Deery Me), Dino Squillino and Colin Walker (Everyone). The team is growing so much that we’ve taken an additional office space at the Alba Innovation centre here in Livingston.

Interesting musings from Stanford business podcasts

We’ve been watching and listening to Podcasts from the Stanford University Entrepreneurship corner so we wanted to share this four minute video on core ideas for a social network.

What are your thoughts or needs for social network? Are your needs being met by your existing social networks? What features would make your life more simple that the networks you’re currently using don’t fully offer?