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An Introduction to KILTR Version 2

We’re delighted to announce an exciting Preview Event for KILTR Version 2 which will launch here in Scotland on 12th June. The event which is part of the official programme of Scotland Week in New York City will also showcase a selection of Scotland’s most influential and creative brands and practitioners across fashion, music and… Read more »

Coffee’s Nuclear Family Tree

KILTR member Jonathan Whitelaw with today’s KILTR guest blog post. Journalist, Jonathan takes a look at society’s ever growing fascination with the coffee shop. It is a trend that seemed to happen overnight. One evening in the late 1990s, Scotland went to sleep. When they got up in the morning there was an infestation, clogging… Read more »

Reality bites, science fiction’s eternal optimism

Scottish Journalist and KILTR member, Jonathan Whitelaw with today’s KILTR guest blog post. Jonathan takes a look at science fiction and the future. During my ritual trawling of news and views websites, I came across an interesting article. Featured on the BBC’s news site, the title ambitiously announced Blade Runner: Which Predictions Came True? As… Read more »

Scotland at Euro 92

With this year’s Euros in full swing in Poland and Ukraine, Tom Hall (from The Scottish Football Blog) takes a look back at Scotland’s efforts in Sweden in 1992. By the early 1990s Scotland had qualified for five consecutive World Cups. No matter how meagre the feast when we got there, we were remarkably adept… Read more »

KILTR Research Event 3/5/12

KILTR Research Event KILTR’s Head of research Jillian Ney, discusses all things KILTR. I can’t believe it has been over a month since we ran our KILTR research event at O Street Studios. The data has now been analysed and reports and presentations made… Thank you to everyone who took part in the research! As… Read more »

Welcome new members to the KILTR team

We’ve welcomed some new blood to the KILTR team over the past couple of months. Scott Downey joins us on a full time basis as our new graduate developer – backing up our hard-working tech team and ensuring our technology remains slick and bug-free. Jonathan Capecchi joins us on a part-time basis as graphic designer… Read more »


KILTR CEO Brian Hughes @WeWork

As if you didn’t know already, we were in New York last week launching KILTR V1 onto the US market. It was quite a buzz, sitting in a hotel in Manhattan watching the unprecedented activity we had on KILTR while gearing up to launch on that very same evening. We packed in a lot and… Read more »

Day One at Scotland Week NYC

WHAT A PLACE! If you didn’t already know, I’m in New York with KILTR, as I’organised the launch event we are hosting as part of the Scotland Week celebrations. Events coordinator is not in my job specification, but such is the demands of working in a small start up company, you must be prepared to… Read more »

NEWS: Scots head to NYC to get U.S. on KILTR

KILTR, the social network for everyone with an interest in Scotland, is to be launched internationally during this year’s Scotland Week celebrations in New York City. Members of the KILTR team will host a launch event in Manhattan on Thursday 12th April, which will include a panel discussion on the next wave of social networking,… Read more »

KILTR to launch internationally in NYC

Members of the KILTR team are off to New York City next week to take part in the annual Scotland Week celebrations and to host a special international launch event in Soho, Manhattan. If you are planning to be in New York on the evening of Thursday 12th April, why not come along and join… Read more »